Child Custody Matters

Often time’s people rush into marriage, with big dreams for happy endings to live with their spouses forever. Unfortunately, marriage is not a fairy tale. These days the only perfect marriages are those we see in the movies. Believe it or not, the divorce rate in around the world is increasing every day.

Marriages do break down for reasons ranging from adultery, lack of communication, intolerance, high expectations of both or either partner, loss of physical attraction, lack of commitment, family pressure, and family history.

When all efforts to revive the marriage fail and the union cannot be saved, the only option is usually divorce.

When it comes to child custody matters, it is in the best interest of both parties to make the process less emotional and more profitable. Apart from the fact that this principle leads to significantly better results, children ended up happier and adjusted when their parents can handle their differences in a civilized manner. There are many advantages of using mediation in child custody cases, but here are some of the best.

  1. Less Emotional

The parties may be emotional in any litigation. However, this does not compare to the emotions that parents can have when it comes to a legal matter concerning their children. Mediation minimizes the emotional aspect of the dispute by giving each parent the same input on both the agreement and the procedures. When parents feel their complaints and concerns are addressed, they are more easily appeased and satisfied.

  1. Financial Benefits

In mediation, the length of time needed to complete the process depends on the parties. If the resolutions were agreed quickly, the custody dispute is resolved within a much shorter time. Instead of spending money on legal fees spent in court fighting over custody arrangements, parents will be grateful for saving money and spend it on the children instead. You do not have to pay so much using what will be in litigation due to shorter resolution time.

     3.    Better Chance of Compliance

Parents are more likely to stick to an agreement on custody of the children if they were active participants in drafting. Unlike a mandated court order, mediation provides parents the opportunity to create an agreement that takes into account your schedule and finances, thus leaving them more happy and satisfied with the agreement. By participating in the creation of the agreement, both partners will be more docile and more motivated to follow it accordingly.

  1. Confidentiality

When it comes to confidential legal matter such as child custody, confidentiality is of the essence. When parents seek a court battle, many aspects of the process are made public. Even if the names of the children do not become part of the court record, it is still in the best interest of parents to protect their children from prying eyes as much as possible. Mediation safeguards the identity of the children and parents making the whole case confidential and private.

  1. Empowerment

In child custody matters, both parents have the same entry in the final agreement. Because of this, they are more empowered and feel less bitter over the process. They are taking control over the future of their children, not a judge. It also shines a positive light on the parents in the eyes of their children because they are willing to resolve differences for the sake of their children. Children are less likely to be traumatized if the parents decided to sue themselves for custody.

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