Who Cheats More Men or Women

Cheating Spouse/Infidelity Investigation

Being in a relationship in which you feel your spouse is cheating on you could be difficult to withstand. On the other hand, it is better to know the absolute truth as to whether or not your spouse is having an affair than allow the fear of the unknown eats away at your spirit. Anyone in this position should know the reason his or her spouse is cheating.

Between Men and Women Who Cheats More?

Men and women in general, cheat for different reasons. To say who is cheating more would be like a guess, even though there are basic statistics that suggest that men cheat more than women, this does not mean that is truthful. Recently the number of women who are cheating is common as cheating men.

Of course, there is no way to know who cheats more. Most people probably lie about whether they cheat or not and there is no correlation between the genders as to who is more likely to tell the truth.

What do the Experts Think?

While a scientific study on this issue is impossible, some experts gladly weigh on the matter, with most of them saying that men and women are equally likely to cheat on each other. The difference, however, is that men are more likely to cheat with a lot of women moving from partner to another quickly.

Following the evolutionary characteristics of humans, Men are designed to go from woman to woman and disseminate their genetic material as widely as possible. Women, however, are connected to find a man to help them raise and protect a child.

Recent studies conducted by US popular website Huffington and Ashley Madison which is a popular site for married men and women have shown that 19 percent of women are engaged in cheating compared to 23 percent of men, women often start to cheat earlier in a relationship, and they do cheat more than men. To be precise, women who cheat have 2.3 percent adulterous experience compared to 1.8 percent of men. Also, women are more likely to fall in love outside marriage during an affair.

 Which Age Group Cheats Most?

Recent survey conducted by Loveology University has shown that

  • Women are more likely to cheat when they are younger (24-45) and men are more likely to cheat when they are older (36-55).


  • Men are more likely to cheat, and women are more liable to report being cheated.


  • 72% of people who cheat also have been cheated on.


  • Younger people between the ages of (18-35) are most likely to cheat to gain attention.


  • Cheaters of 36 years and above do cheat for sexual satisfaction.


  • Women who are 56 years of age and above cheat for companionship.


  • Men and women over 36 years are more likely to consider cheating as means of belonging to the society.


  • Most cheaters between 18-23, men (54.4%) and women (52.2%) argue that there are no acceptable reasons for cheating.


Which Profession Cheats Most?

Survey conducted by Ashley Madison, a website that is known to deal with men and women looking for having affair revealed that Among 11,453 men surveyed, the largest percentage of men that would cheat work in Engineering/IT field and will be in their 40s and married for ten years with two children of 10 years old.

 Here are the full statistics of Occupation that has Cheating men according to Ashley Madison

  • IT / Engineer (10.6%)
  • Financial industry (8.2%)
  • Doctors (4.6%)
  • Education (6.5%)
  • Lawyers (3.8%)

The study Results for Women Showed:

A cheating married woman will be in her 30s, married for five years or less and had a child less than three years of age. She is also likely to be a teacher, working in the medical industry or a stay-at-home mom.

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