Cheating Spouse Investigations-The Beat Goes On

Infidelity Monitoring

This is not Part 2 of my previous Blog but Im getting several requests for these type of cases, Infidelity Monitoring AKA Cheating Spouse Investigations. There are a lot of different cases that cross my desk on a daily basis from Child Custody,Civil and Criminal Investigations including Robbery ,Theft and Fraud. These are usually the most most interesting cases and best paying I might add but these Cheating Spouse cases rarely have a happy ending regardless how well you have done your job and the information that you have provided the client. Other then Child Custody battles these cases are filled “roller-coaster” like emotions ! Whether you succeed in getting the absolute proof which in the clients mind is the picture of their spouse in a compromising position with their paramour the clients rarely seem satisfied because of what they have to contend with (legally) once the investigation is concluded. Even if you do get that “One Shot” on film the client usually feels betrayed,humiliated and completely violated by their spouse. All of this of course has nothing to do with the Investigator but often times right or wrong we become the emotional outlet for the client. But this is the job and I still wouldn’t change it for a “Million Bucks”!!…Did I just say that ? I think for a million I would take in my shingle!!  By the way I do love my job and I love my clients and that will never ever change!

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